Does a Pond Need Regular Maintenance?

Yes.  When a pond is new you will need to add natural bacteria to the pond daily to begin the natural balancing process. This will help keep the pond clear until the ecosystem can take over on its own. After that, we recommend that bacteria will need to be added once a month to maintain optimal balance.

Ponds also need to have there skimmer box basket/net checked once a week to remove any debris. These two simple maintenance steps allow for a well balanced ecosystem and clear water.


Does a Pond Need Annual (or yearly) Maintenance?

Yes.  We recommend that you have the pond “spring cleaned”. A good spring cleaning removes all the debris from the previous year and winter and helps a pond stay crystal clear because it is free of rotting organic debris.  Once the pond is drained and cleaned out, it is good to pressure wash the sides and bottom of the pond as much as the environment will allow.  Since all ponds are different some ponds may be able to go longer between clean-outs. You can do a spring clean out on your own, or you can contact us, and we’ll clean the pond for you.


Do Water Plants Need Maintenance?

Yes.  It is recommended that water plants be pruned and replanted once per year in the pond.  Plant material, if not removed, breaks down organically in the pond and places stress on water clarity thus causing the ecosystem to lose its natural balance.  It is best not to overcrowd  aquatic plants if you want optimal healthy blooming and growing.  We sell some good books about water plants if you are interested in learning more.



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